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Men's Precision Waxing

50% Less Pain

Lycon waxing system uses the strongest possible wax formulation with maximum adhesion to the hair and not the skin, therefore achieving up to 50% reduction in sensation compared to other waxes making treatment virtually pain free.

Perfect Intimate wax

Lycon hot wax will remove stubborn hair as short as 1mm, and Lycon strip wax will remove hair as short as 2 mm, leaving your skin soft, hair free and without any sticky residue.

Body Strip Wax

Eyebrow shape                                       
Centre of brows  only                             



£  8

£  3

£  8

£  8

£  8

Abdomen OR Chest only                    
Front Chest & abdomen (torso)          
Full Back                                             
Back + Full front (Torso)                     
Upper back                    






Full Arms incl hands & fingers 

Full arms & Arm Pits

Arm Pits
Upper Arms/Lower Arms          
Full legs incl feet & toes          
Lower Legs incl feet & toes    







Lycon Wax Logo

Intimate wax.....

                           Hot wax

Arm Pits                                                          £22

Buttocks                                                          £20

Bikini Line                                                        £20

Extended Bikini Line                                      £27  Crack                                                                £18

Buttocks & Crack                                           £32

Hollywood (no sack)                                      £30

Sack                                                                  £37

Under Sack                                                      £15
Hollywood & Sa
ck                                          £59
Hollywood, Sack and  Crack                         £69
Hollywood, Buttocks, Sack & Crack          £82

Full body (neck down, incl. intimate)          £179

What is the difference between hot wax and strip wax? 

Lycon hot wax is spread thickly onto the skin and once dried It is quickly peeled off. This is done in small section and hence only recommended for smaller areas making it idea for intimate wax. Lycon hot wax is unique due to its pre-wax oil applied to the skin prior. The wax then cannot adhere to the skin, only the the hairs. With other cheaper brand once the wax is pulled off the skin and hairs feel the pulling sensation making it more painful.

Experience finer hair re-growth.

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